جراب بتصميم سلسلة يونيكورن بيتل برو من سوبكيس مصمم لهاتف سامسونج جالاكسي S21 5G (إصدار 2021)، جراب متين مزدوج الطبقات بهيكل كامل ومتين ومسند بدون واقي شاشة مدمج (تلميط)

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارجراب بتصميم سلسلة يونيكورن بيتل برو من سوبكيس مصمم لهاتف سامسونج جالاكسي S21 5G (إصدار 2021)، جراب متين مزدوج الطبقات بهيكل كامل ومتين ومسند بدون واقي شاشة مدمج (تلميط)✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

رمز المنتج: B08RRZBJTL التصنيف:

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  • تأكد من أن هذا مناسب عن طريق إدخال رقم الطراز الخاص بك.
  • [50.8 سم تم اختباره من خلال السقوط ]: توفر خامات البولي يوريثان المتعدد الطبقات والبولي كربونات حماية قصوى من السقوط.
  • [جراب قابل للتدوير]: تمتع بالراحة وسهولة الاستخدام مع جراب دوار قابل للفصل المتضمن.
  • [ميزة المسند]: مسند مدمج يدعم عرض الصور والأفقي دون استخدام اليدين.
  • [قواطع دقيقة]: سهولة الوصول إلى جميع المنافذ والأزرار والميزات ، بفضل التصميم الدقيق لجهاز UB Pro.
  • [التوافق]: متوافق مع سامسونج جالاكسي S21 6.2 بوصة. غير مناسب لهاتف سامسونج جالاكسي S21 Plus/S21 Ultra.

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اللون تيلت
العلامة التجارية سوبكيس

أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

Nicola Hickey1.0:
Do not buy the edge of this case is hard plastic I put it on my brand new phone and the hard plastic pushed the front glass off my phone it has marked all down the one side my phone is a few days old and has damage down the one side

Amazon Customer2.0:
Just bought the black one and the back is much better than the red. I had the red and although it looked good after only a few weeks the red paint on the back was coming off. It is just spayed on and scratches off really easily. So far the black seems better and is not painted in this way. Would still recommend supcase but my previous one lasted about 5 years so was a bit disappointed with the red one.

Luke Milligan5.0:
Been on the building site 2 days I do groundwork so messy work had my phone in my combat shorts pocket all day on and of dumper truck jumping into trenches digging with the holster on to cover the screen in my pocket so far so good great case bulky but we’ll balanced and added grip at the sides makes it fantastic when you have dry hands any builders out there get this case it’s fantastic I removed my screen cover when I got my phone not knowing that the s21 comes with 2 covers the poxi one that covers any screen but then another that you don’t notice (tempered glass) until it starts to slightly peel I highly recommend this case it’s well worth the money rugged sturdy well made 10 out of 10

I don’t normally write detailed reviews but I have to do this case justice.I swear by these cases this is the third phone I’ve bought this one for. The phones die of old age before these cases do!The case raises every part of the phone off of any flat surface with a raised edge at the front and little rubber feet at the back the camera has an indent around it too which keeps it well away from any surface.The back is a solid plastic with a matte looking effect pretty scratch proof grips comfortably and along with the rubber feet doesn’t slide around on a smooth surface.The edges and front are encased in a very firm rubber with a very comfortable and grippy texture and the side buttons are very tactile and feel/function great.You’re not going to drop this case often as it grips great but still slides into a pocket easily.In terms of functionality all buttons camera speakers and mic work perfectly the screen protector is crystal clear and doesn’t interfere with the touch functionality. The charging port has a nice little dust cap that pops out when you want to charge. Once installed it fits perfectly and it will not move/come off by accident.At first the case can seem a bit tricky to remove without causing damage and may seem some force is needed but don’tdo this! Have a look on google or youtube YouTube there’s some guides how to do it and it’s actually quite straightforward once you know the trick don’t force the case off like I did with my first one.There is also a little stand at the back that pops out and clips into place works great for both portrait and landscape view for videos etc. I use it all the time and also doubles as something you can put a finger through when holding the phone like those cases with the finger loops on them.As for durability your phone is safe with one of these! I am accident prone with my phones and these cases have never failed me. Dropped from shoulder height onto concrete from a shelf onto tiles you name it these cases can take a beating. You have to actually try to cause some damage for anything bad to happen.Very fair price for a quality product don’t pay for a more expensive case these are fantastic.The one thing I will point out is that these are fairly bulky cases and do add a bit of weight. I like this and I enjoy the big grippy design. You can just tell by the feel that the phone is protected but if you’re a fan of the slimline lightweight designs this might not be for you it’s really a matter of taste.

Amazon Customer3.0:
Had mine 12 months or more and the front outer case has cracked at either side opposite each other and i can see a surface crack now appearing on the other side disappointed as other cases brought lasted me over three years with no issues at all.





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